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I'm working on Novel #5 now!


The writing is solid, the dialogue realistic, and the plot complex enought to keep it from being a simple ghost story. There are layers to the plot that will continue to be uncovered in future titles in the series. And that's what will keep the readers coming back.
--The Chicago Examiner

With clever writing, this is a unique series that I suspect has superstar potential. I'm glad I picked it up--I feel like I'm ahead of the crowd and suspect I will be hearing a lot more about the series
.—Long and Short Reviews

Each book can stand alone, but to fully enjoy the story and characters I suggest reading both books. I assure you that this is a series that won’t disappoint any reader! –Night Owl Reviews

One Hundred Candles really grabbed me. I sat down planning to tend fire, enjoy a book and do chores in between. Instead, I sat down and couldn't move for the next couple of hours. –Roundtable Reviews

If you’re tired of overwritten prose and the standard array of YA paranormal clichés, give Past Midnight a try. It’s refreshingly devoid of those things. It’s simply a good (and spooky) story. –Fantasy Literature

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